More adhesions to the Memória Ferroviaria Project

The Memória Ferroviaria Project ended the year (2005) commemorating some important adhesions allowing it to go forward with the project to publish the book cataloging the steam engines still existing in Brazil. Signing on to the project and entering into the club of the friends of the Memória Ferroviaria were the president of Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM), Oliver Hossepian; consultant Fernando Perrone; president of Caramuru, César Borges de Sousa; and the manager of infrastructure of the BNDES, João Scharinger. Hossepian and Perrone former winners of the Railroader of the Year award.

Besides these important railroad industry names, the project also counts on the support of thousands of individuals war interested in preserving the memory of the railroads in our country.

Among the companies that are sponsoring the Memória Ferroviaria Project is the largest manufacturer of modern locomotives in Brazil, GE Transportation Systems and Caramuru, a soybean trading company and important railroad customer.

Because the Ministry of Culture approved the Memória Ferroviaria Project, all company contributions for individuals can be used to offset income tax the subsequent year. Learn more about the project through our Web site: